“how would you apply to be a professional cover letter writer?”

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Dana Cass and I am writing to submit my resume for consideration for the cover letter writer position. I graduated from Vassar College in May and am eager to break into the cover letter writing industry. My educational background and six years’ experience in the workforce have… Continue reading “how would you apply to be a professional cover letter writer?”

you’d be smarter, too…

…if you grew up navigating the clusterfuck that is the New York subway system. (Actually, I’m only pretending that it’s a clusterfuck. I think it’s actually a work of genius and it blows my mind that it not only functions but functions like 93% of the time and gets you anywhere except for the Lower… Continue reading you’d be smarter, too…


It’s been 18 days since I put on my brown suede boots and boarded a plane, and I have come to a depressing conclusion: the city where I thought I’d see all my wildest dreams come true is, in fact, an overcrowded happiness vacuum where Southwestern kindness goes to die. Since it’s only been 18… Continue reading I H8 NY

an update from the couch

I’ve spent the majority of the past two days in my apartment on my couch waiting for various deliveries… the vast majority of which didn’t come, so fuck that noise. I left this morning to go to the Bed Bath and Beyond/Marshalls/TJ Maxx on 18th and 6th and had to powerwalk back because the Fed… Continue reading an update from the couch

if I can make it there

When I plugged in my MacBook just now and it said “Not Charging” even though it totally is supposed to be and it was just being lazy like it always is, I said to it, “Stop slacking. You can Not Charge in Vegas. You can’t Not Charge in New York.”