eyes on the prize

I had just a few simple dreams when I was a child: to meet the Spice Girls, to buy an entire wardrobe from the Limited Too, and to will myself into having perfect vision so I could cast off my Coke-bottle glasses once and for all. Did you know they make miniature cellos for tiny people… Continue reading eyes on the prize

the empress’s new clothes

A red tank top emblazoned with the word DANCE in rainbow glitter. Baby-blue track pants from the Limited Too that snap up the side. Pastel yellow sneakers for skateboarders, doodled all over with ballpoint-pen stars and hearts and Avril Lavigne lyrics. Beige corduroy bellbottoms. A tiered skirt that falls to mid-calf and soars when you… Continue reading the empress’s new clothes

interpreter of melodies

Over the past several months, I've caught myself—multiple times—on the verge of tweeting song lyrics like I'm a seventeen-year-old writing on MySpace. I think it's probably because the last time I had my heart broken like I did a year or so ago, I was seventeen, and it was easier to wear your heart on… Continue reading interpreter of melodies

album rock

When I was thirteen, I brought along with me on a weeklong family vacation to Texas a single album: Avril Lavigne’s seminal Let Go, featuring cultural touchstones like “Sk8r Boi” and “Nobody’s Fool” (actual lyric: “I’m not the milk and Cheerios in your spoon”). For seven days, I listened to Let Go on repeat. Nobody… Continue reading album rock

idiot box

I was five before anyone noticed that I couldn't see past my own feet. In hindsight, much of my peculiar behavior up to that point could be chalked up to my near-blindness: the way I stared at the ground when I walked and held books inches from my face to read them and how I… Continue reading idiot box

the unbearable lightness of ke$ha

Is it me, or has Ke$ha's music gotten a little bittersweet? There's a plaintive note in some harmonic line that suggests that the queen of stuttering and sloppiness is ready to hang up her ripped tights and, God forbid, spend a night in reading her high school journals and drinking chamomile. Maybe I'm reading too… Continue reading the unbearable lightness of ke$ha

viva las incultas

I have a post in the pipeline about what it's like to grow up in Las Vegas. I have been distracted by a more pressing topic: what it's like to grow up in a public education system recently deemed the worst in the nation, so bad that parents are considering moving out of state to… Continue reading viva las incultas

get on up, it’s bobsled time!

I am an Olympics FIEND. The Olympic theme song gives me chills. I get weepy when I see pictures of Kerri Strug in the arms of Bela Karolyi. The movie Cool Runnings... I mean, come on. Think about 2008: Michael Phelps eats 30,000 calories of pasta a day and swims to glory by a fingertip's… Continue reading get on up, it’s bobsled time!


Allow me to regress to a younger age for a few minutes. I have a deep and abiding passion for young adult literature. The vast majority of the crap glutting the shelves in the YA section at Barnes and Noble isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Nobody needs to read “The In-Crowd” or “Gossipy… Continue reading I’M HAVING A LOT OF FEELINGS, or why I love YA

creativity is dying/why I don’t “reblog”

I had a Pinterest account for a hot second and spent the entire time I was on it feverishly searching the Internet for images to post. I didn’t read other people’s pinboards or repin their images because I wanted to create my own original collection of images and recipes and, like, decorating ideas or whatever… Continue reading creativity is dying/why I don’t “reblog”