dudes in a hurry (silicon valley culture clash #1)

If I die this summer, it will be on a staircase.* So recently, my life became a giant sausagefest. For the past nine years, I’ve been surrounded by women, men who are mostly in touch with their feelings, and people who don’t subscribe to the gender binary. This is a direct consequence of attending performing…More



Allow me to regress to a younger age for a few minutes. I have a deep and abiding passion for young adult literature. The vast majority of the crap glutting the shelves in the YA section at Barnes and Noble isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Nobody needs to read “The In-Crowd” or “Gossipy…More

why I love technology…

…or how a simple girl from suburban Las Vegas became a championship stalker The other day, I was reading my Twitter feed on my iPhone and discovered that it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Naturally, my first thought was of my friend Julianna, who is a cookie enthusiast (this is an understatement). (Side note:…More

ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2012…

Wear sunscreen. Just kidding. If you haven’t learned that after four Founder’s Days, then you’re basically doomed to spend the rest of your formative years (which you will surely find a way to extend into your thirties) rolling around in Brooklyn wearing flannel and being offended by things. I write this because I want to…More

creativity is dying/why I don’t “reblog”

I had a Pinterest account for a hot second and spent the entire time I was on it feverishly searching the Internet for images to post. I didn’t read other people’s pinboards or repin their images because I wanted to create my own original collection of images and recipes and, like, decorating ideas or whatever…More

and hopin’ and plannin’ and dreamin’

I still wish on spare eyelashes and when I catch the clock at 11:11, but I wish for the fortitude to accept what life throws at me instead of wishing for life to throw me really awesome things. This is less because I no longer believe in the power of eyelashes and digital readouts and…More

slacks do not a grownup make

I have been feeling very adult lately, what with all the slacks I’ve been wearing to interviews and rent checks I’ve been writing and glasses of craft beer I’ve been drinking in respectable establishments. I just wanted to take a moment to make sure that nobody thinks that I actually turned into a big girl…More

like so much cattle

I’ve gotten really into the idea of branding myself lately. No, not like the creepy albino monk in the Da Vinci Code. Like… hashtag Dana Cass problems, only on a grand global scale where I become a household name for witty posthip twentysomethings like myself. My life is an exercise in narcissism, so obviously that’s…More

“how would you apply to be a professional cover letter writer?”

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Dana Cass and I am writing to submit my resume for consideration for the cover letter writer position. I graduated from Vassar College in May and am eager to break into the cover letter writing industry. My educational background and six years’ experience in the workforce have…More

you’d be smarter, too…

…if you grew up navigating the clusterfuck that is the New York subway system. (Actually, I’m only pretending that it’s a clusterfuck. I think it’s actually a work of genius and it blows my mind that it not only functions but functions like 93% of the time and gets you anywhere except for the Lower…More